Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Trip photos are online!

Yes, today is the 5th and I have updated my blogs only till Day 10! Schedule slippage, yes, but I have some urgent work and putting together the blogs & photos is more work than I had imagined.

I had shot more than 300 photos during the trip - that includes duplicates, photos with camera shake, etc.

Out of that I've selected and uploaded 148 photos for you to view. The photos have helpful captions - hopefully the captions for photos taken after Day 10 will make sense. If they don't then please wait for me to update details for Day 11 and later...

You can view a nice slideshow here:

Viewing Tip: Adjust the speed of the slideshow to suit your bandwidth!

If you want to pick and choose the photos to view (useful for a slower connection?):

And if you want to see photos from my other trips(especially my South India Trip of December 2003!), check:

PS: Don't expect any wheelies :)



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