Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Quick update from Balasore(28 Dec, 2004)

Yes, I am alive and kicking (er.. pedalling!). The recent natural calamities haven't affected me; simply because I am too far. My return plans also seem to be on track; though I still have to confirm with the railways.

Ah well! I've got tired of saying 'sorry for no updates', so I won't be saying it again! I have tried accessing the internet to update this, but either the shops around here close too early or are crowded!

I am currently in Orissa - though tomorrow I should be in West Bengal. Today (28 Dec) is the 12th day of the trip. I've already finished about 1600 kms of my trip - Kolkata is still about 300 kms away!

Since my last update, I've seen the Chilika Lake (lots of birds, some dolphins), Puri Jagannath Temple, Konark Sun temple, a temple in Bhubaneshwar (it is the city of temples!).

Today I intend to stop in Baripada (remember the Dara Singh episode?) - this is about 60 kms from Balasore. Tomorrow, I will either end up in Kharagpur or Calcutta!

Meanwhile, thanks for all your wishes! (Can't see the new comments - I am again on a Win98 PC with out-of-date IE, so my blog page is acting funny! To compound my woes, IE keeps crashing... Same old story for the photos also!)

Will tell you about the 'dacoits' of Orissa in my next post! I won't promise when, but it should happen soon...


Blogger Vishnu said...

Just heard about your journey in a forum.

Man,you are doing great.And you are famous too.All the best for the rest of the journey.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Vinod Narippatta said...

great news man... may be the next time u should carry a laptop so that u can keep us updated more "regularly"...

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,
Coooooooool, u r pretty close ur goal. A good tyro with prophecy into world of adventures.

All the Best...

Ragavendra BC

1:49 PM  

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