Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Return Journey Finalised...

Yay! Just got my train ticket for the return journey.

I'll come back by the Howrah Tirupati Express. Need to alight from Howrah (Calcultta) at 23:40 on 31st Dec, 2004. Scheduled to reach Tirupati at 16:00 on 2nd Jan, 2005. So New Year Celebrations will be in the train ! From Tirupati to Bangalore I haven't decided yet - but this should be a cakewalk...

However, I am still cursing myself for the delay in ticket reservation. I did try reserving a direct ticket to Bangalore - but unfortunately tickets weren't available. The direct journey would have taken 36 hours to Bangalore. Anyway, it's over now - no use crying over spilt milk!

I would be failing duty if I didn't mention my colleague, Vijay Sai. I appreciate his zeal in ensuring that I got a ticket ! He planned it all out for me. Thanks, Vijay!


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